Saturday, 6 February 2010

Seeing Red

Today marks exactly three years since I walked away from a twelve year IT career, after the door had been slammed in my face.


Anonymous said...

I'd written a much longer version of this article but it was far too self-pitying to publish. In the end I just wanted to note the occasion and leave it at that.

JJ Beattie said...

Crikey; have you written a story about it?

HelenMHunt said...

The short version is very powerful. And it might well have done you good to write the longer version even if you never post it.

Debs said...

I think the main thing is that you wrote the longer version and agree with Helen that it will have done you good to do so.

In the past I've written about incidents that have caused me a lot of pain. Mostly I've burnt them, but it was therapeutic to get them out of my head and onto the page.

liz fenwick said...

I hope you pour that emotion into your other writing.


Colette McCormick said...

It does you good to remember but don't dwell on it. It's the past. Writing about an experience has helped me. And do you know what? So what if you ranted and went in for a bit of self pitying - that's good too. I had an episode of it myself this morning and I fell so much better now.
Keep your chin up.

Denise said...

I agree, bit of ranting is healthy. Gets it out so can move onto the next job.

Anonymous said...

JJ: I certainly have! It's one of the themes behind Blood on the Rooftops, a crime thriller. I reached over 53,000 words before stopping. There's an extract you can read here, if you're interested.

Helen, Debs: I've kept the long version, so I have opportunities to re-use it later. Or burn it.

Liz: I would if I did.

Colette: You're right. It's good to get it out of your system, isn't it?

Denise: Yep. That's the plan.

Anonymous said...

kick it behind you now...I know how you feel though.