Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Back from Canada

Hi folks, I'm back from my holiday in Vancouver, which was absolutely brilliant. Here's a short list of a few things that my friends and I got up to.

  • Lots of eating and drinking. Shock! horror!
    Sammy J Peppers, one of the restaurants we visited, has the hottest chilli sauces on the planet.
  • Walking around various waterfronts, taking photos.
  • A visit to the aquarium in Stanley Park.
  • Cycling around the sea wall in Stanley Park and False Creek.
  • Driving a car on the other side of the road. Only a few near-misses.
  • A visit to Lynn Canyon. Lots of hiking, including crossing a very wobbly suspension bridge.
  • Visit to the University of British Columbia, including the Museum of Anthropology, followed by walking through the country parks of the endowment lands.
  • Kayaking and canoeing in Deep Cove.
  • Huffing and puffing pour way up the Grouse Grind, on Grouse Mountain. A short 3 km hike but with 850 m of vertical ascent.
  • Almost running across the outdoor set of a filming crew. They were making an episode of Fringe, so I was told.

I also managed to get in four training runs, totalling just over 24 km. Still a long way to go until I'm fit for the Aviemore half-marathon next month.

I didn't take all that many photos this year but there are a few posted on faceache.

Now it's back to the serious business of choosing a career and applying for jobs...


Colette said...

Hi Captain welcome back. It's me - the person frormerly known as Gonna be a Writer. Sounds like you had a great time in Canada. Good luck with the job hunting.

HelenMHunt said...

Welcome back. You were missed.

Debs said...

Sounds great fun and very busy.

Love the photos.

Anonymous said...

Colette: Ah, GBW comes out of the (writing) closet.

Helen: Thanks.

Debs: It wasn't as busy as it sounds. There was plenty of time to eat well and drink lots of Canadian beer.

Annieye said...

Welcome back, Captain. You had a much more active time in Canada than I had in Ibiza!

Anonymous said...

Annie: Thanks. I trust you enjoyed Ibiza, active or not.

Leigh said...

Bugger. Am leaving Aviemore on the 15th. Would have loved to... er watch from the sidelines. Hope it goes well! Vancouver sounds great!