Thursday, 2 July 2009


More Captain's Computer Tips in this post, but first some news.


In an effort to focus my, um, efforts. I've simplified my WiP progress bar at the top of this blog. I'll reinstate the other projects if I ever get around to them.

Insight is going quite well but very slowly as Jason and I no longer live in the same town. We have a plan for editing, hoping to significantly reduce the word count and simplify the plot, not to mention pruning the enormous cast list.

Blood on the Rooftops is my other main project at the moment. It's about a third the way through its first draft. I hope to do some work on this at the Caerleon Writers' Holiday this year.

And now on to the lesson.


ChrisH said...

Gawd! I have NO idea how you did that - just gasping with admiration and gratitude for telling us how to do the other stuff. Mind you, puffing up with pride, I did manage to do one of those words that look as if they've been crossed out on my blog the other day. (And even that was a bit hit and miss as I initially managed to 'cross out' the entire post!). Thanks for this.

ChrisH said...

PS Hope you told Zinnia to start blogging again!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Ha! Yes I backed up to DVD and lodged it with a neighbour!

Debs said...

Ahhh, very clever. It's good to have these technical things explained to a complete dunce like me.


HelenMHunt said...

Well done for slimming down your projects! The computer stuff is all a bit beyond me!

Anonymous said...

ChrisH: I'm guessing you were using the 'strikeout' or 'delete' tags. Strikeout (<s> and <strike>) tags have been deprecated in favour of the delete (<del>) tag.
I think Zinnia said she might start blogging again. Can't be sure though, as I was a bit under the affluence of incahol at the meeting.

LDUK: Good for you. I'm sure you feel more comfortable now you know your data are safe.

Debs: I don't think people are dunces and certainly not you. Writers are not dunces by definition, in my opinion. IT can be jargon-filled, unfriendly and generally made inaccessible sometimes. I'm on a (very small) mission to change some of that.

Helen: I'm sure you could manage it quite easily with a bit of practise. It stuff often sounds much worse than it really is.