Wednesday, 4 March 2009

When the Time is Right

The blogosphere is a wonderful place. You get to meet all kinds of like-minded people and exchange ideas, stories or just random gossip. I've "met" so many good folk through these media. Not only that, there are several aspects of my interests, mainly fiction writing, that I would simply not have learned about if it wasn't for this realm and the people in it. So a big thank-you to all my colleagues out there.

I'm starting to realise that this comes with a price. Not a heavy price, rather a light one, but it's a price that is becoming increasingly significant as time goes by. It's simply the sheer number of people and blogs that form our ever-expanding network. I can now count well over forty different places I like to visit. To keep up with this on a daily basis is now extremely difficult and will soon be impossible.

I'm aware that a few others are in the same boat as me, and their solution seems to be to take "blog breaks" and then return after some suitable period of time. If that works for you, then great. I'm not sure that it would for me, though; I think I'd feel I'm missing out on too much. So, I think for me the answer is to blog less - which is what's happening anyway.

People say that it's important to blog every day, but I'm starting to question that philosophy. Why is it important to blog every day? I certainly believe it's important to write every day you can (if you're a writer), but blogging is not the same thing. In fact if my only writing on particular days was blog articles, then I'd start to lull myself into a false sense of security that I'm writing enough. The truth is, I'm not, and I need to get on with it.

Having said that, I do count Asteroid as writing, even though it's been part of my blog postings for a while now. It's by no means my main project but I do feel that it's good practise for me. However, there are only three more planned episodes, including Big Ears, before I'll be taking a hiatus from that as well. I'll be concentrating on my novels for a while. Gotta finish that pesky race, you see.

I don't want any of you to change the way you blog, but I'm going to change the way I do. I'll simply do less of it. It's not a break but a slow-down, so I apologise in advance for not keeping up with you all as much as I'd like to in an ideal world. If my postings and comments seem to be drying up, it's not because I've gone away, it's just because I'm busy.

Meanwhile, take care and good writing!


liz fenwick said...

I think blogging at fairly regular intervals is the key thing - be that daily, weekly, monthly or whatever.

I do agree that blogging takes time and this week I have felt it with posting about the festival. I know that when that's down I will fall back into a more normal pattern of about two posts week.

The key is that you feel comfortable with what you are doing.

Lane said...

I used to do about 3 posts a week. That has dwindled to an average of one.
As you say, the time consuming thing, is keeping up with everyone else's posts. I tend to skim read some and comment fairly regularly on others. It would be impossible to do all and not necessary either.
And sometimes I think laying low for a while is fine. What goes on behind the blog, is far more important than what's on it:-)

HelenMHunt said...

I agree that it's not necessary to blog every day - and I certainly couldn't find time to do that. I aim for a couple of times a week and to keep up with other people's as well as I can. Some days that's easier than others. I wouldn't be without it though - today I had a lovely email from a chap in New Jersy who'd found my blog by googling 'Robert Goddard fan club'. I love it that things like that happen in the blogosphere.

SpiralSkies said...

Like Lane (actually, yes, I DO like Lane!!) I used to blog about 3 times a week but now it's once - and that's on a good week. I don't think it matters particularly. I know what you mean about keeping up with everyone though.

I must confess, I love the short, snappy immediacy of Twitter and the sense of 'connectedness' that brings to my day. C'mon, Cap'n, get with the programme. I'd love to seeing you 'popping up' on my desktop as I type about those cows..

Annieye said...

I try to visit a core group of bloggers every week if I can, and reply to all comments left on my blog. I love blogging, but unfortunately my lifestyle restricts how much time I can spend on it. I spend far too much time on Facebook and love the immediacy of the chat facility on there to keep up with my friends and family. I also like to keep up with people on Sunday mornings in the chatroom.

Anonymous said...

I think once a week is fine unless I have especially loads to say. I love all the people that I have met but find it quite time consu keeping up with everyone. Also most people seem to have a lot more interesting things to say than I do!

Debs said...

I blog about twice a week, but tend to visit other blogs most days.

Mind you, if I spent half the time writing that I do blogging, I'd be finished this editing by now.

Anonymous said...

Liz: I suspect that I'll be blogging at irregular intervals, rather than regular ones. Thanks for all your EAILF reports, they were most interesting.

Lane: Unfortunately there hasn't been much, certainly not enough, going on behind the blog.

Helen: It's all very addictive, isn't it? I really have to try to cut down.

Spiral: Me too. And you ;o) Can't, won't, mustn't join twitter. I'll never finish the race!

Annie: I'll still be chatting on FB and WaW. Couldn't go without my regular Sunday parlance.

MotherX: Not true! I'm fascinated to hear about Tudor novels and Exorcist voices.

Debs: I haven't totted up my blog's word count. It would scare me if I did. Probably get a couple of novels worth out of it.