Friday, 20 March 2009

Reading & Writing

What do you Read and Write?

Somebody * at the Dubai Literary Festival remarked that many writers' write quite differently to what they read. So, how about we do a quick survey?

  • List the genres you write in, in descending order of favouritism.
  • List the genres you like to read, also in descending order.

I'll compile the results and see what we end up with. I don't suppose it will prove anything in particular, but it might be interesting.

Thank You Readers

Many thanks to the readers of the "adventure stream" of our novel, Insight. Your feedback has been, and will be, extremely useful.

We're completing the first full draft, ready to send out to the next batch of readers. It's only 125,000 words.

I must say though, I was slightly puzzled at this particular comment...

Interesting feedback note.

It may well be true. Perhaps we'll consider it as part of the next edit.

Fourth Wannabe Meeting

Those of you who would like to come to the next Wannabe a Writer meeting, please have a look at the dedicated blog. You'll need to let me know when you can and can't make it, as we have yet to choose a date and a venue.

* Probably Kate Mosse, but I'm not sure as I wasn't there myself.


Annieye said...

No can't guess what the numbers mean.

Is it the co-ordinates of Comet Lulin or something?

Aaagh! I thought I had taken them all out. There was a whole orange pad of post-it notes courtesy of technoson! At least it only says 'Mum is a Bean' (what does that mean, by the way?). One of them said 'Mum is a Virgin!'.

Katy said...

Hello Captain! Thank you for dropping by my blog from the pitch party. I'm off to go and read a few of your stories now - I'm intrigued by your 'wanna meet up' idea too.

Anonymous said...

I like to write teen fiction, stories for v young children and horror.
I tend to read 16th century period fiction, Brett Easton Ellis, other teen fiction (to learn) and biographies and the odd chick lit.
Thanks for your message Captain! and yes Im sure Wallace will be there:)

Anonymous said...

Annie: "Mum is a virgin": I'm thinking that logic is not Nicky's strongest subject ;o)

Katy: Thanks for dropping by. The meeting is probably going to be in London at the end of April. Keep an eye on the Wanna Meet-Up? blog for details.

MotherX: Thanks for the information. I'll add it to the huge database I've created (not).

As for the number puzzle in "Bank". Perhaps it will help if I write them like this: 6-9-19-8-5-18-7.