Thursday, 19 February 2009

So What Do You Do?

A number of writers have admitted to dreading that question, including Caroline and Helen, so I've come up with an idea...

Many job titles sound much more grandiose than the job is in actuality. Some examples* might include:

Title Job
Environmental Services Engineer Refuse collector
Customer Services Facilitator Telephonist
Personal Assistant Coffee maker
Concept Designer Marketing dogsbody

So the idea is for us to generate a series of alternative, bigged-up job titles to use in place of the standard: "I'm a writer" response. Here's a few I've thought of off the top of my head.

  • Fiction Consultant
  • Literary Architect
  • Entertainments Implementor

Let me know what you come up with.

* No offence intended, they're just contrived examples.

Who's Who Scam!

I recently received a letter from Cambridge Who's Who (, informing me that I've been proposed and accepted as a candidate for their registry. There was no mention of who proposed me, nor any introduction about this company.

The letter went on to invite me to "confirm" my details on-line, though all that they actually know is my name and address. The question "do I even want or agree to this?" does not come up.

If any of you readers get a similar request, please ignore it! It is a scam! The lovely people at Writer Beware! blog have written an article warning about this and similar scams.


HelenMHunt said...

I like the sound of Fiction Consultant. I may give that a whirl!

Annieye said...

Still enjoying Asteroid.

How about Publication Engineer? Do you remember about three or four years ago one of the National papers came up with the most useless jobs in the UK. There in the list was - and I was mightily offended - Democratic Services Manager!


Anonymous said...

I'm a teen fiction creator. (well that's what I tell myself and I'm sticking to it!)

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Recently come across your blog. Am absolutely gobsmacked at the technical complexity of your website. Took me ages to find how to comment. Good luck to you with your writing efforts, you deserve to do well. I am totally cynical regarding the publishing world, a cynicism developed over several years. Have also been a member of writing groups. Sadly again very cynical. They tend to talk and pat each other on the back rather than write. Don't mean to sound too negative, I'm not by nature. I will follow you with interest and will be back. Hope you find time to visit my blog. Good luck with your writing. I too have an end product in mind.

Anonymous said...

Helen: Fiction Consultant sounds good. Ties in with your Bookersatz assignment.

Annie: Oh dear, your job doesn't seem very popular with the masses, does it?
Not many episodes of Asteroid to go, before my big break from it :o/

MotherX: Teen Fiction Creator is a very respectable job title.

Grumpy Old Ken: Welcome! I'm not surprised you had trouble commenting on my web site (it doesn't support them). This blog, of course, does.
I'm just off to visit your blog...