Thursday, 29 January 2009

Two Memes

Not a great deal of new lately. I've just been mainly editing Insight, ready for our proof-readers. I thought I'd take the opportunity to have a go at a couple of memes that have done the rounds recently.

Fourth Folder, Fourth Photo

Oh dear. This one has turned out to be not very exciting. Here's the picture...

Broken switch

The photo is part of a letter I'm writing to the management company that are supposed to look after the building I live in. Needless to say, some of the recent electrical work leaves a bit to be desired.

Twenty Five Things About Me
  1. My favourite colour is black. Bet that shocked you.
  2. My (unwanted) nickname at school was Monkey-Man.
  3. My nickname at Uni was Helmet, or just Helm.
  4. I used to live in Brighton and cycled everywhere, despite the hills.
  5. I use (and actually think in) metric/SI units for everything, except pints and occasionally miles.
  6. My eyes used to be green but have slowly turned brown over the years.
  7. I can read and write over six languages. Sadly they're all computer programming languages.
  8. Music wise, I'm a total prog-head. 11/8 anyone?
  9. I'm not much of a sweet tooth, prefer savouries, love king prawn jalfrezi.
  10. I'm rubbish at team sports but like individual ones.
  11. Red wine (sometimes, possibly) gives me a fat toe.
  12. As far as I'm aware, there are only two foodstuffs I don't like: natural (unflavoured) yoghurt and mushy peas.
  13. I know all the powers of two off-by-heart up to 65,536. Sad, sad, sad.
  14. I'm a non-smoker (gsoh, wltm... ;o)
  15. I love thunderstorms.
  16. I also love Kaylee from Firefly.
  17. Most of my computer and hi-fi equipment is on its last legs.
  18. I subscribe to New Scientist. It's delivered every week but I can't keep up with it.
  19. I once met Tony Slattery in a curry house in Clapham.
  20. I like surrealist art: Dali, Magritte, Dean...
  21. Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I sometimes read novels with pastel-coloured jackets.
  22. My favourite Friends character has the same name as my favourite Charmed character.
  23. I once nearly got arrested for being drunk on my bicycle. I got away with it by pretending to be German.
  24. I like tequila based cocktails.
  25. I skateboard/snowboard "goofy" even though I'm right-footed.

I tag anyone who hasn't done these yet (and wants to).


liz fenwick said...

I didn't do the photo meme because I thought my photo was blah but yours well... :-)

I love the 25 things - eyes changing colour is intriguing - does it have to do with the pastel colours jaket books you may sometimes read?

Annieye said...

I didn't do the photo one either, because it was of dinosaur bones!

You are so interesting, Captain. I'd have loved to have seen you pretending to be German when you were drunk in charge of a push bike! Your number 25 sounds like me, as does your number 15.

Brilliant descriptions in Asteroid. I enjoyed it. What are you going to do with it? You must have written a good chunk of a novel with these instalments.

HelenMHunt said...

I've never seen Charmed, so now I need to know who your favourite Friends character is. NEED that is. Re mushy peas - you need some kind of therapy I think, to help you learn t appreicate them. Great photo x

Lane said...

A fat toe? Is that gout? Does rose (can't do the accent) have the same effect?

I like the contrasts in your list Captain, from very scientificky to pastel covered books and cocktails. Very well rounded:-)

And I don't know Charmed either but I'll take a guess at .... Rachel?

Lane said...

Ha! I just googled it. I was wrong:-)

Rick Regan said...

I also know the positive powers of two up to 65,536. But how many of the NEGATIVE powers of two have you memorized? I only know up to 0.03125 (2^-5), and I look at this stuff all the time. (Don't cheat and say 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, ..., 1/65536 -- I mean decimals!)

Check yourself against

HelenMHunt said...

I was going to guess Phoebe. I'm also off to google it.

Anonymous said...

Liz: God I hope my eyes don't turn pink. Then everyone will know what I've been up to.

Annie: Believe me, you wouldn't want to hear my faked German accent. Cringe city.

Asteroid has just under 25,000 words. I suppose it could become a novel, but I'm just treating it as practise really. We're nearly at the end of "day zero" in the story (at which point I'll take a break from it). There's at least two more "days" planned but not written yet.

Helen: I have the perfect therapy for mushy peas - avoiding them. Psychotherapists are always going on about denial, so I'll just deny myself a portion whenever I think about them. Phoebe is the right answer (what was the question again?).

Lane: I trust you've now worked out the answer. Actually, I don't really watch Charmed much, not with the sound up anyway. The fat toe isn't gout; I've been tested negative twice for that. Dunno what it is.
If you want to put the word rosé into comment, use the "é" HTML escape code. For example: I like drinking rosé wine.

Rick: Welcome! I'm afraid I'm no good at the fractions and decimals. Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Monkey Man?? Why? I have to know! Had to laugh about you pretending to be German when drunk. I can actually picture it! slightly more elegant than myself hanging out of a tube door throwing up, while mumbling that I have a virus to horrified onlookers. (while they observed the many bottles of champagne that were clanking around in my holdall.)

Anonymous said...

MotherX: I think I was "monkey man" because of the way I used to run(!?) Lol at your tube experience. What are we like?

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Interesting to get to know you a little more, thanks for that. I too prefer savoury to sweet nearly all the time, and love a good margarita.

Anonymous said...

Zinnia: You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to get a margarita without ice these days.

Kirsty said...

Hey I like prog too - Wierd time signatures make me smile. Also love Renee Magritte!
Lol can just imagine you pretending to be German lol.Lol.Wtf?
This is a really good list. Except for the bit about tequila. How could you drink that stuff?!

Anonymous said...

Kirsty: A female who likes prog, I may have to marry you. Sorry boyfriend. Strangely I don't like tequila shots, but I love sunrises and margaritas.

wordtryst said...

My 4th of the 4th photo was a living room set, so I passed.

Interesting randoms. The eye colour business fascinates me because my mother's eyes go from hazel to grey to - when she's really angry - green. I've only seen them turn green about four times. A friend of mine had a dog whose eyes did that green-change thing. Very scary.

I guessed Phoebe - maybe because she's my favourite too.

Drunk German cyclist? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Wordtryst: The eye colour change took place gradually over years. I'm not the hulk! Phoebe is correct.

Kirsty said...

Ha! I tried writing a song once in 10/4. It made me dizzy. Better just to listen to I think.
Yeah Tequila cocktails are acceptable. I'll let you off.