Saturday, 17 January 2009

Keeping Up

After taking only a week off from blogging and other on-line activity, I was faced with the daunting prospect of catching up with over sixty blog postings and triple figures of e-mails. You are a prolific lot, you lot! I've now finally caught up and am trying to stay on top of things. It's difficult though, as the RSS feeds are coming in almost constantly.


I recently went to visit my parents up in Kincraig, Scotland. It was extremely cold, especially on the mountain tops. Minus fifteen degrees on one occasion. I've now added a Munro, Carn na Caim, and a Corbett, Carn an Fhreicaedain, to my collection. Not that I'm really collecting them; I'm no "bagger".

I managed to do nearly 32 km of running and 2 km of swimming, in order to keep the effect of the mince pies at bay. I also tried my hand at orienteering in a nearby forest. It was fun, but I don't think I'll ever win any prizes at this sport.

The week was rounded off very nicely with a curry in Aviemore. Mine was a veg green madras, and my mum said it looked like curried mushy peas! I didn't panic though, as it had plenty of chilli in it.

Plans for 2009

This year I really mean to crack on with at least three of my many writing projects, possible at the expense of the remaining ones. I haven't picked the main three yet, but one of them will definitely be Insight, and the others will probably be my two other novels: Blood on the Rooftops and The Bridge Across Forever.

I'll also be writing and submitting some short stories. Yes, you heard me right: submitting! Something I've done far too little of in the past.

This means that some projects will be relegated to the back-burner. To be honest, they were already in a de-facto state of back-burneredness anyway, so this isn't really a big change - just an official acceptance of that fact.

I'd still like to contribute to writing blogs on an occasional basis. Things like Cloud Line, Cutting It Fine and Sally's Workshops. I hope I'll find the time to keep this promise.

Finally, a really important goal for me this year: getting a job!

Asteroid Plans

Now for some not-so-good news. There's going to be two or three further episodes of Asteroid, before I take a break from it. Don't worry, I'm not going to abandon it. I want to work on my other projects for a while and, truth to be told, I haven't written much more of Asteroid yet, other than what I've got left in the bag. I do apologise for disappointing you readers, but the story will continue later in the year.


HelenMHunt said...

I look forward to reading more of Asteroid in due course. I see you are reading Kate Atkinson and still eating marmite :)

liz fenwick said...

Good luck choosing what to work on!

Lane said...

'Cooking Marmite'. What a great image:-)

I'm glad we all seem to be driven to submit this year. Maybe last year (and the year before) was our practice/lead in year.

Pointy sticks ahoy:-)

CC Devine said...

Scotland sounds great and well done on all the exercise - impressive!

JJ said...

I'm sure all that running is the best way to combat the extreme cold ... but I tend to find sitting on my backside with a nice up of tea much more pleasant! ;-P

Anonymous said...

Helen: Almost finished When Will There Be Good News. I intend to eat Marmite until I die - well not quite literally.

Liz: Thank you. Good luck with your projects too.

Lane: The cooking-Marmite-smell-in-the-car was based on real experience. I once had a car heater that really did smell like that! I'd better not say "pointy sticks ahoy" in real life - people might get the wrong idea.

CC: Thanks. The exercise doesn't look quite so impressive now though.

JJ: There are other ways to combat extreme cold, but probably not mentionable here.