Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Today is my birthday. I've also noticed that there are one or two other writers, including Novel Racers, with birthdays this month, so in case I forget later: happy birthday to you!

Being Submissive

As I said in an earlier posting, I intend to submit more writing work this year. In particular, I have one piece that I think is pretty much ready to go. So, any tips? Those of you who've been in this game longer, I'd really appreciate any advice before taking the leash of my pets. My experience so far has been played: one, lost: one; so I'm not exactly a seasoned player.


As it's my birthday, I've decided to give everyone presents!

  • For Annie, a butterfly net with an extra long handle, for catching that so-far-elusive book deal.
  • For Calistro, a special key for breaking out of prison.
  • For Caroline, a year of great Scottish weather, for taking more of those splendid photographs.
  • For Helen, a large plate of mushy peas. I know she likes them.
  • For Lane, a pair of reversible jeans.
  • For Mercedes, a pair of hairdressing scissors, for cutting Nikki's fringe.
  • For Mother X, stress-free time travel for researching those Tudors.
  • For Paige, a supply of spare mojo. Writing magic, not the chewy sweets. Or maybe both.
  • For Sally, a toy duck as a thank-you for that story prompt.
  • For Spiral Skies, an INRA* for best blinkin' bloomin' funny anecdotes.
  • For everyone else, a large dose of good luck for all your endeavours. You're no less important, I'm just crap at thinking up suitable presents.


* International novel racers' award.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Happy birthday, Captain B :)

I have no submission tip, I'm afraid.

Lane said...

Happy Birthday Captain. 32?

Thank you for the jeans. I shall wear them with pride:-)

As for submission tips? Sprinkle them with fairy dust and kick them out the door.

I've already had one come back this week:-( Must add more dust.

JJ said...

Happy birthday! Sorry no sub tip from me either!

ChrisH said...

Happy Birthday! Submission tips? Put your armour on and just keep sending it out.

HelenMHunt said...

You're such a kind man. Submission tip - lucky paperclips! Seriously, it depends where you're submitting to. I only really have experience of submitting to womags (with very limited success!).

Calistro said...

Thanks for the key Capt'n - greatly appreciated though I'd rather have been given Wentworth Miller, wrapped in a bow ;o)

Submission tips? Depends who you're subbing to. Read the instructions. Double spacing. Stick your name and email address in a small font in the header (I do that in case they lose my cover sheet). Do a cover sheet. Don't forget page numbers. Leave decent margins. Enclose stamped-addressed envelope. Remember to write your name and address on it. Make sure you use the right postage. Ehr..that's about it!

SpiralSkies said...

Aw, handing out fings on your very own birthday, aren't you lovely? Ta muchly! Hope your day was most spiffing.

What Cal said, re subbing. I shall be jumping on that scary bandwagon in June. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Captain! Hope u had a brilliant day. And Thank you for my present!! now you have to turn into a magician and make it happen please!!!
Good luck with your submissions. I'm still rather bogged down with grammer stuff and allowing myself to get distracted from actual story by worrying too much instead of actually writing....aaah!

Annieye said...

Firstly MotherX - I'm putting a bit up on my blog about getting bogged down because I was EXACTLY the same (but got to write it first!)

Captain: Thank you for my butterfly net, I shall treasure it and hopefully when I've used it it can join Lane's pointy stick and be used again and again for all my lovely (and handsome) blogmates.

Enjoyed this instalment! I wonder what the final event is?


Anonymous said...

Everyone: Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Lane: Binary numbers are obviously not your thing. Thirty two would be 100000. Do you know a good fairy dust supplier?

ChrisH: Armour deployed. Selecting targets...

Helen: I'm thinking of womags as a possible route for publication. Maybe writing magazines too.

Cally: I'd send you Wentworth, but I think the real doctor might get jealous. Thanks for the tips, duly noted.

Jen: Good luck to you too. Are you going to submit shorts, or are you now ready for the biggy?

MotherX: It's grammar not grammer. Sorry. But remember: don't get it right, get it written (then get it right later).

Annie: You're welcome, though you're right, we'll probably need to borrow it at some later stage.

HelenMHunt said...

If you're interested in submitting to womags, you need womagwriter's blog. All the guidelines are there.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Happy Birthday, er, rather belated - been busy, sorry. Thanks for the good luck wishes, I can use those.

Anonymous said...

Helen: Thanks for the link. I've bookmarked it.

Zinnia: Thanks and you're welcome.

SpiralSkies said...

Shorts! Probably. Submit shorts and work on next novel. Probably. Oh, I don't know. Can you lend me a time machine?