Tuesday, 9 December 2008

All I Want for Christmas is...


The streets and the shops are full of people behaving like zombies and programmed automatons. The shelves are full of utter garbage. All I wanted was a loaf of bread and a pint of milk! I can't wait for normality to resume, once the January sales are over.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the festivities part of Xmas: the getting together with friends and family, the excessive eating and drinking, the silly games. What I can't stand is the fact that this part is played down more and more each year, in favour of the relentless, mindless commercialism.

And why does everyone except me have a complete inability to manoeuvre? When several people are coming straight at you, as they tend to do in London, the straight line is all they can manage. Oh but it's a different story when people are dawdling in front of you: they sway and weave around like a bunch of drunks, making it impossible to pass. I think a machine gun might be the only solution.

I'm ambivalent about the religious part, being an atheist. I don't mind other people enjoying their religious celebrations, but I have no interest in it myself.

Sorry for the rant; I needed to get that out of my system. Also, sorry to Helen for nicking her "half a heading" style ;oP


It's a bit early for Auld Lang Syne, but last weekend I went to a party in Brighton, where I met loads of old friends. It was good to catch up. I'll be going down again this weekend, but just for lunch this time.

I'm supposed to be collecting a large pebble from Brighton beach, to add to a special cairn that my parents are building in their garden. I'm losing count of the number of times I've been down there and not managed to retrieve the said item.

I did almost achieve this goal a while ago, only to have the rock confiscated at Gatwick Airport Security. Apparently it could be deemed as a weapon. If you ask me, Nikki Bradshaw's handbag would be much more lethal.

Where Next?

Recently I've had loads of ideas about the Asteroid story and where it might be heading. It's almost as much of an adventure for me as it is for you readers. I'm plotting this story much less than my other projects, you see.

I don't want to radically alter it's direction too much, but I was wondering what areas you think might be good to develop, and which ones to possibly play down. For example:

  • David & Craig's story.
  • Ronnie's story.
  • Aileen's story.
  • The Malcolm, James and Jodrell Bank angle.
  • The SF component: Asteroid, possible aliens and the like.
  • The romantic/saucy components (no squidge, I promise).
  • The mystery components.
  • Anything else?

One idea is to add some more slightly "mystical" elements to the tale, but I'm not sure if that would be a good fit with what I've written so far.

Answers on a postcard... Or a blog comment...


Anonymous said...

I have to say I agree with you about Christmas. I can't stand it and between you and me have just been pretending to put a brave face on. I HATE IT and can't wait for it to be OVER!!!!(thats if Im still alive!)
Your story is brilliant. Im curious about what is going to happen to Aileen next...will she accept ride? will it be safe?

Lane said...

Well I'm certainly interested in Aileen's story! What a cliffhanger.

Re. pre Christmas mayhem - my own personal gripe is when people expect you to move when you're looking at something on a shelf/rack or will walk straight in front rather than go round.

And have you been mown down by a double buggy yet?

Anonymous said...

MotherX: I'm looking forward to next year as well. I hope you keep reading Asteroid.

Lane: If you like cliff-hangers, there's loads more on the way with this story. Some really big revelations too.

No double-buggy accidents yet, but what is it with dear old ladies? So dear that they ram your legs with their trolleys. And don't tell me they don't know they're doing it. Grrr!

Annieye said...

Come on .... come on. When's the next instalment! Christmas is just too much work. My favourite time is after dinner when hubby and boys always clear away, load the dishwasher etc and I can sink into my chair with a second glass of wine. I usually then fall asleep and dribble.

Anonymous said...

Annie: Next episode is coming soon. Probably before the week is up. When it comes to drinking wine, falling asleep and dribbling; I'm an expert!