Thursday, 13 November 2008

The Two Towers

There's something I'm having trouble believing at the moment. You probably won't believe it either. The thing is: I'm really not reading very much these days, at least in terms of hard-copy.

Don't get me wrong, I'm busy reading a lot of things in general. It's just that they're all on-line or in some other electronic form. At my last count, I have just over thirty blogs to keep up with. I must be mad. Trouble is, I can't bear the thought of missing some useful writing tips or (checks over shoulder) juicy gossip.

I'm also steadily reading my friend's book, so don't worry MG, I'm getting there; on chapter twenty-three as I write this. I'm enjoying this story and sometimes forget to put on my critic's hat.

I'm also following a gripping story that one of my e-friends is writing for NaNoWriMo. She's so busy and prolific with countless other stuff, I don't know how she does it. Probably doesn't sleep. No it's not AnniEye, before you ask...

...Which reminds me, I recently found an early copy of (what was then called) Twisted Garlands. I guess I meant to read this and comment back. Gulp. Sorry Annie, I don't know how this evaded my radar. By the time I get around to reading TG, I'll be able to by the whole trilogy in the shops!

So I don't know how it happened, but my hard-copy reading has come to an almost complete standstill. This means that my to-be-read (TBR) pile has grown to quite frightening height. Well, by my meagre standards anyway. Actually there are two TBR piles, hence the title of this posting.

The Tower of Marmite

This is the non-fiction and books of learning tower. The stuff I've meant to read for a long time, in order to further my knowledge of the writing craft and business, not to mention the universe in general.

The Tower of Marmite
The Tower of Pickle

Lime pickle to be precise - is there any other kind? This is what I wanted to read for pleasure, oh, months ago. Who knows where the time goes (good song btw)? In fact it's been so long since I read The Dreaming Void that I'll have to read that again before embarking upon The Temporal Void. That'll keep me off the streets for a while.

The Tower of Pickle
Third Wannabe Meeting

I very much enjoyed the this meeting in London (details here) with the Wannabes, Isbes and Soontobes. It's especially nice that the Novel Racers and the Wannabes are starting to overlap. Long may these things continue!


Quillers said...

I often find it hard to read other fiction when I'm working on my own stuff, Captain. I find it either depresses me, because I know I'll never write that well, or the next time I do go to write, I find myself writing in the style of the writer I've been reading.

BTW my main blog is down at the moment. Am switching to a new domain name (which will be Hopefully it'll be back up by tomorrow.

HelenMH said...

I'd never read any of it with that evil jar of marmite sitting on the top :) x

liz fenwick said...

I find my reading is cyclical...I now dodn't expect to read all the time and let myself off. As you have pointed out that with blogs and everything you do need time to write!

Anonymous said...

Sally: I know exactly what you mean. Having said all that I said, I am (believe it or not) reading Valla's Secret at the moment. Just read Time in a Bottle - nice!

Helen: I suppose, if you must, you could always substitute a can of mushy peas for your own TBR tower.

Liz: I hope my reading cycle begins again soon, as I'm looking forward to all of those things on the towers.

Anonymous said...

I try to read every day but I find concentration quite difficult at times. I myself have quite a pile of tbrs to work through. Everytime I go into a book shop I always try to show restraint and not buy any more...but fail miserably! I m actually reading 3 different books at moment to try and hurry things along. Not that helpful actually as your mind flies all over the place.

Quillers said...

Thanks Captain! Glad you're enjoying it.

My blog is back up now, at the new domain name (thank goodness). The old url still works though.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

How can you only have 30 blogs to keep up with when there are 40 of us in the Novel Racers? I've got about 60! Nightmare!!

Anonymous said...

MotherX: I'm also a bookshop addict. It doesn't help my TBR pile, or my wallet, when they do a three for the price of two offer.

Sally: New blog address duly bookmarked.

Zinnia: Count now up to 35, so I'm getting there. I think the trick is not to be too compelled to leave comments on all blogs. Just when you've something to say other than small talk. That's a rule to be broken btw.