Wednesday, 19 November 2008


There are only a handful of episodes to go in my Asteroid story. Only a handful of the one's I've written, that is. That will bring the story to the end of Day One. I have lots of ideas about where it's going with Day Two and onwards, but I haven't yet plotted these out.

This means that I might take a break from blogging Asteroid, once Day One is done. What happens after that remains to be seen.

What do you think?

Points of View (Revisited)

Here is a story told from two PoVs, both written in first-person past tense. See what you think...

I saw him in the evening and he was acting really strangely. I'd been shopping with the girls in the afternoon and I did turn up a bit late, so thought it might be that. The bar was really crowded and loud so I suggested we go somewhere quieter to talk. He was still very subdued and distracted, so I suggested we go somewhere nice to eat.

All through dinner he just didn't seem himself; he hardly laughed and didn't seem to be paying any attention to me, or to what I was saying. I just knew something was wrong. He dropped me back home and I wondered if he was going to come in. He hesitated but followed.

I asked him again if there was something the matter, but he just half shook his head and turned the television on.

After about ten minutes of silence, I said I was going upstairs to bed. I put my arms around him and told him that I loved him. He just gave a sigh and a sad sort of smile. He didn't follow me up immediately, but later he did, and I was surprised when we made love. He still seemed distant and a bit cold. I started to think that he was going to leave me; that he'd found someone else. I cried myself to sleep.


England lost to South Africa. Gutted. Got a shag though.

Apologies if you've heard that one before. Couldn't resist ;oP

Runner's Holiday

After this posting, I'll be taking a week off to "enjoy" myself doing a half-marathon and some other smaller races in Lanzarote. See you all when I get back.


HelenMH said...

'Enjoy' the half marathon!! I'm terribly impressed.

Annieye said...

I suppose you've gone by now. If you get on to t'internet in Lanzarote, I hope you are having a good time and managing to stay vertical (well - for the running, anyhow)

Lane said...

Hope you're having/have had a great time Kev. You're missing some appalling weather here, you poor thing:-)

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Ooh, Lanzarote, I'm envious. Not of the running, though - but each to their own; I hope you've enjoyed it enormously.

Anonymous said...

Helen: I had a good run. Beat last year's time by over 30 minutes! Mind you, I was injured last year and had to walk part of it.

Annie: I did manage to stay vertical, though I feel like remaining horizontal today. For all the wrong reasons!

Lane: Don't worry, I experienced the delightful English weather after landing at Gatwick last night. Forget the taxi, I should have hailed a submarine!

Zinnia: I did enjoy it very much, thanks. Almost came to grief though, when I referred to the Irish team's flag as a tablecloth.

Anonymous said...

And I thought you were so innocent! hope the run went well and you are still in one piece! have a great weekend.