Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Coffee Shops

Writers block? Facing a blank screen with no ideas flowing? Why not visit one of your local coffee shops?
Don't worry, this isn't an advert and I'm certainly not getting any commission. I'm simply recommending a change of scene. It works wonders for me. It's even better when you meet a friend there and chat about joint writing projects.

Ideally you want one that sells good coffee (assuming you like good coffee), is not too noisy nor busy and has plenty of tables and chairs. I had an ideal coffee shop near where I live. It was even inside a bookshop! Unfortunately it is no more. Costa decided to pull out of Waterstone's and concentrate their efforts on the smaller, noisier, more cramped one further down the high street.

Where are your favourite coffee shops or alternative writing and thinking places?


Lane said...

Can't do coffee shops. Well I can to drink of course, but not to write. Too distracting.

My favourite thinking place is on the bed. Total quiet, almost nodding off but not quite. Also like to think when out walking but the quality of thought is often dependent on the weather:-)

Now maybe if I lived by the sea and there was a little cafe where I could sit outside .... I can but dream:-)

Right! Off to Cloud-Line...

Denise said...

Oh no, that's not a national decision is it? Me and my laptop have spent quite a few hours in a Waterstone's Costa near me. I love writing in coffee shops, feels so much more sociable somehow.

I prefer Starbucks coffee but the ones around me are pretty tiny and not so writing friendly. Even better is coffee shop surfing where you stretch your legs inbetween shops on your way to write at the next one!

Annieye said...

I love the reference library. Quiet and peaceful. Just wish they did coffee and easy chairs!

Debs said...

I need to be somewhere quiet to write but love the garden in the summer, under a large parasol of course.

I love the idea of going to a coffee shop and writing but am too nosy to be able to concentrate.

aliqot said...

I love coffee shops inside bookshops, or coffee shops with loads of books. But then I'm far more inclined to read than to write.

I hope they're not quitting all the Waterstone's. Grrr.

Anonymous said...

I do like coffee shops to write but tend to get distracted by the cakes! so spend far too much time eating. I find walking works wonders for me, in parks or anywhere where I can avoid too many people. There is a fantasic coffee shop in our local park, its great to go there on a week day when its quiet. My ideal place to write would be by the sea.

Fiona said...

I find sitting -alone- in bed, staring gormlessly out of the window with a strong coffee works best for me.

I get all shy in coffee shops - are they looking at my unbrushed hair, scruffy shoes or down market mag? My mother used to say, 'For goodness sake, what's so special about you?' I know what she meant but still can't do coffee shops with a buddy.

Btw, I've just read the first paragraph of The Forever Bridge and really enjoyed it. Your writing gets better and better. I can see some places where a bit of a trim would work - if I may be so bold.

Fiona said...

with OUT a buddy, I mean.