Thursday, 21 February 2008

A Milestone


I feel a sense of achievement today. I've finally reached a milestone in one of my writing projects. The first draft of The Wild One's Hideout is now complete, weighing in at a little under 17,000 words. I've no idea what to call a piece of this length. A long-short? A novella or novelette or perhaps?

Of course, the project is not over yet. There's still plenty of editing to do. For now though, I can take a break from it and concentrate on some of my other works.

Gonna B, if you're reading, this was the project I mentioned in my comment on your Finding Treasure blog post. The one I started when I found some hand-written pages from some time back in the eighties.

There is still plenty to do though. Including works I'm editing, there are still five active projects plus two in the pipeline. Oh yeah, and the methodology series (watch this space...). I must not start any new ones!


Annieye said...

Well done Kev. Brilliant news. I don't know quite what I make of editing.

I know one thing - I'd sooner write than edit.

Lane said...

That's great Kev.
Is there somewhere you can submit this to?

Anonymous said...

Thats great! I really wish I had your determination. Cant wait to read it, have been reading your poems also. I hate editing as Im rubbish at it!