Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Jobs Involving Writing?

As some of you may know, I'm currently out of work and looking a new job or career. I used to be in IT and was involved with many of it's disciplines including software design and programming, training, standards and methodologies. Before that I was a physicist.

Now I'm considering a career change, though I'm not ruling out IT, and one of my ideas is to get a job that involves writing. A large part of my focus last year was on my fiction writing and I have to say that I'm thoroughly enjoying that.

So, dear reader, what are your thoughts on jobs and careers that involve large amounts of writing? Is this a good idea for me to pursue, or would I be running the risk of spoiling my hobby? I would hate to lose the enjoyment of writing but it might be a way to improve my skills and find a job at the same time.


Annieye said...

I write all the time in my job as a Democratic Services Manager in Local Government. It can be just as satisfying as creative writing but is almost all in the bad-old-passive voice. Creating plain English is sometimes a very skilled process.

My team are all Committee Administrators - in local government ads sometimes called Democratic Services Officers.

If you fancy it, it involves editing other people's reports, managing agendas for meetings, publishing to deadlines, attending meetings and writing the minutes.

I also get to write my own reports, in-house publications and contribute chunks to other people's reports. I write press-releases and speeches for the Mayor too.

It does satisfy my writing urge, but I still much prefer creative writing. The downside is that you have to work in the evenings sometimes so the hours are a bit unpredictable.

Lane said...

I think a job involving writing in any shape or form would be great. Personally I'd love a job that involved using words, even if it was mundane, like writing the instructions for using shampoo. Writing in work can only strengthen and hone your skills. I don't think it would kill off any create urges. But that's just me. What type of job would you go for? You sound very well qualified.

Good luck:-)

Anonymous said...

Annie - That's very encouraging. You've found a vocation where work and play can involve similar skills but not disturb each other. I could never do that when I was a programmer. The last thing I wanted to do when I got home was start writing software.

Lane - I was thinking of trying to become a technical author, writing manuals or textbooks about technical subjects (not necessarily IT).

Debs said...

I tend to find it easier to put thoughts into words when writing up reports or correspondence with clients and am frequently asked for help by colleagues. I doubt that having to write at work should be a problem. It isn't for me. I hope you're able to become a technical author, it sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...
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