Friday, 4 January 2008

Call for Plot Giveaways

A Happy New Year to all my blog visitors. I thought I'd kick off 2008 with a seemingly strange request. I'm looking for lots of examples of plot giveaways in literature, film or TV. I want to use these giveaways, after suitable adaption, in a piece I'm going to write this year.

I know this sounds weird but there is method in my madness, so please send me lots of examples! All genres will be suitable and the examples could even be deliberate giveaways, e.g. for comedy purposes. Any contributors whose material gets used in my piece will be rewarded with a signed copy of the work, once it has been published (you may wish to remember to breath in the mean time).

I'll start the ball rolling with one I found: In Die Hard 2, some of the 'good guys' are really bad guys and they only pretend to shoot the terrorists. The giveaway is the fact that their ammunition clips are colour-coded with adhesive tape. Blue for 'safe' blanks and red for live ammo.

Please keep em coming...


Annieye said...

Happy New Year Capn. I'll have a think.

Do you mean things like the bad guys always wearing black cowboy hats in things like Bonanza in the 60's? My dad used to tell me you could always tell who was a baddy really because they wore black hats - even if they seemed to be goodies. (Or was he just having me on!)

Lane said...

Gawd you do make me think Captain. Right, I'm off for a think. I may be a while:-)