Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The Writing Lifecycle?

I've been wondering about what the various stages and disciplines are, when writing a piece of fiction. Different writers seem to call these things by different names, which can sometimes be confusing for a wannabe like myself. Are there any definitions of the stages, I wonder? Terms I've encountered are:
  • (First, second...) draft. What exactly constitutes a draft?
  • Editing. When to stop and attempt to publish (or otherwise release in some manner)?
  • (First, second...) rewrite. What is a rewrite as opposed to an edit? Is there a difference?
  • (First, second...) complete partial. Surely illogical. How can something be complete if it's partial?
For example, during the editing process, how long does a piece remain a draft, and when does it become something more? Any ideas or experience with this? Ideally, drawing an analogy with my previous experience of software writing, I'm looking for definitions (however rough) of the writing lifecycle. Perhaps I'm trying to be too analytical, but that's my nature I'm afraid. Answers on a flowchart or a piece of graph paper...

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Mercedes. said...

A draft becomes something more when you're ready to call it 'done for the last time.' I think you can go on and on and on and on and on .......... get my drift? if you so wanted. You have to know when enough is enough and only you will know that.

Be brave Captain, trust your instinct to call it 'done.'