Saturday, 15 December 2007

Music About Writing

I thought it might be fun to start compiling a list of songs or musical pieces that relate to writers and writing. I'll start the ball rolling and others can contribute when they feel like it. If it takes off, I'll keep a list here on Cloudbase. So, in no particular order...

  • Genesis: Behind the Lines
  • Beatles: Paperback Writer
  • Dire Straits: Lady Writer
Plus, if we are allowed to include songs relating to particular pieces of writing...
  • Sinead O'Connor: Troy
  • Dire Straits: Romeo & Juliet
Not only that, but for some utter cheating here are some song titles I've nicked for my own fiction...
  • Genesis: Blood on the Rooftops
  • Transatlantic: Bridge Across Forever
  • JS Bach: (Toccata and) Fugue in D Minor [okay, well almost]


Annieye said...

I'll try and think of some.

A while ago, when I had a touch of writers' block, I sat at the computer listening to my MP3 Player and just typed bits of lyrics that caught my attention.

It was a fascinating exercise and ended up giving me some ideas.

Lane said...

Couldn't think of any except Dylan's 'My Back Pages' So I cheated and googled. Apparently a group called Diesel Boy has 'A Literary Love Song'. Mmm - will keep thinking:-)