Monday, 10 December 2007

Back from the Land of Totty

Phew, that was quite possibly the most exhausting holiday I've ever had. I ran a total of 70km, swam 15km, rode god-knows-how-far on a mountain bike. That's not to mention the kayaking and windsurfing. Pity I had to leave half way through International Aerobics Week though. Now I need a holiday! Somehow I managed to lose 2kg in weight, despite all the good food and beer I drank (no I didn't amputate my bad ankle). I can thoroughly recommend the resort if you are even in the least bit sporty. See the Club La Santa website for details. Right. Now it's back to job-hunting and writing. Oh yeah, and the dreaded Christmas shopping.


Lane said...

Phew that sounds exhausting! glad you had a great time:-)
And the totty??

Annieye said...

You've made me feel tired just reading about it.