Monday, 5 November 2007

In the Pipeline

Something tells me I might be biting off a little bit more than I can chew. I'm now working on no less than four concurrent writing projects. Five if you count the stalled novel, though something that has stalled can hardly be truthfully called concurrent. Anyway, they go something like this...

The Bridge Across Forever

Three interwoven stories that eventually meet. Set in the recent past, the present and the future. Currently at 16,200 words. I estimate it will end up somewhere in the region of 30,000. If you've read The Path To Nowhere on my web site, then you've already read the first chapter.

Blood On The Rooftops

Fairly straightforward thriller about a hunt for a terrorist bomber. Has a twist though. Currently at 10,400 words and estimated to end up around 25,000.

The Wild One's Hideout

A weird science fiction and adventure story. Also has a twist. Currently at 9,700 words and expected to end up at about 15,000.

[Untitled as yet]

A co-writing project with a friend. A story set in the near future world described as the backdrop to the Nexus series of live action role playing games ( Storyboarded but nothing much written yet.

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